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Bra Makers Taking Notice Of Growing Breast Sizes. Finally!

In India, Women's Issues on May 20, 2010 at 8:00 am

They’re finally paying attention to those of us who have more than the ‘C’ cup can handle.  Fashion statements and big boob humor aside, wearing the wrong bra size has serious health implications – from backaches, indentations in the shoulders, bad posture and scarring of the breasts.  85% of women are wearing the wrong bra!

Alice Fisher at the Guardian has a must-read article on why breasts are getting bigger and how to measure for the right size bra.  The Wall Street Journal has a good article on the engineering behind designing that perfect bra.

Bras are engineering challenges that have been compared in the industry to suspension bridges. Good bras can have more than two dozen working parts. Seams support stress points and create shape. Rigid stays prevent the fabric under the arm from crumpling. Stretch lace at the top of the cup looks decorative, but it has a function as well: It ensures a smooth fit even when a woman’s breasts aren’t exactly the same size. The straps don’t actually support the weight in a bra, but they do need to be firmly anchored into the band to distribute tension.


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