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What We Know About Nikki Haley.

In India, Politics on June 4, 2010 at 8:12 am

Speaking of the pathetic state of our political discourse…this is what makes for Nikki Haley headlines these days.

What else do we know?

She is also ‘pro-life’, supports tough anti-immigration laws including deportation, and the right to own guns. All incredibly vital issues while our country is reeling under a recession, an oil spill, and job losses.

  1. You must be new to all of this and it’s clear you’re an unquestioning Obama supporter who refuse to criticize him. The “political discourse” (and the politicians along with it) have been a pathetic state for a while now. Before i was born and probably even before you were born.

    BTW, there’s nothing wrong with being pro-life and allowing people to own guns. Also, they’re not anti-immigration laws. They’re not mean to cut off immigration. They’re meant to stop illegal immigration.

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