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Fake Meat That Tastes Like Chicken.

In Animals, Food/Drink, India on June 8, 2010 at 7:02 am

Full Post At Time: This spring, scientists at the University of Missouri announced that after more than a decade of research, they had created the first soy product that not only can be flavored to taste like chicken but also breaks apart in your mouth the way chicken does: not too soft, not too hard, but with that ineffable chew of real flesh.

Positive news for the environment and hopefully a reduction in the carnage that is the factory farming of animals and birds killed for meat, milk and eggs.

Of the 10 billion land animals killed annually in the United States, 95 percent are birds, and the overwhelming majority are “broiler” chickens raised for meat, 1 million killed each hour. Additionally, nearly 300 million laying hens(6) are raised for eggs, and more than 250 million turkeys(7) are slaughtered for meat. (Humane society of the United States)


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