Yeh Hai Life!

About Us

Yeh Hai Life! is a blog with a view from the crossroads, where India meets the World, and the World meets India.  Celebrating India and Life in all their colors…but all with a touch of attitude!

Founded by filmmakers Genevieve Castelino and Nadja K. Rutkowski, it was born on a trip to India to research their next film (based on the agrarian crisis in India where over 200,000 farmers have committed suicide in the past decade).

Amidst the stark statistics, doom and despair in our research, upon our return, we found and realized that there’s a new Indian generation full of hope, aspiration, inspiration, determination, and dreams.  Yeh Hai Life was founded on the grounds of this new hope of making the most of life, as it is what you make of it.

Yeh Hai Life! translated from Hindi literally means “This Is Life!” Like most Indian phrases, it cuts both ways – “Life is Great!” or “Life Sucks”!

Yeh Hai Life has available Tees For Vidarbha at where the proceeds will support farmer’s families affected by suicide  in the Vidarbha’s cotton belt region in Maharashtra, India. 

Let us know what you think or drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you!  So, “Yeh Hai Life…is what you make of it!”

Other Blog Contributor Bios:

Antoinette Alexander

Manhattan-based journalist Antoinette Alexander is honored and excited to be a part of the team at Yeh Hai Life!, and to help open a whole new world aimed at making a difference in people’s lives and sharing current trends within the Indian community. Antoinette’s professional experience includes writing for daily newspapers including The Seattle Times and the Asbury Park Press, business magazines and online publications. She has written articles on a myriad of topics including healthy living, beauty, fashion, tax and accounting technology, and retail. Originally from Seattle, Wash., Antoinette has been living on the East Coast for the past 12 years and currently lives in New York City.

Jennifer Nyp, Fitness Guru

Jennifer has had a successful fitness career in New York City for over ten years.  She is currently an avid runner and regularly practices yoga and pilates.  Originally from Nebraska, Jennifer found her first mentor at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Bob Chase. An innovator in the fitness industry for over 20 years, Bob taught her to pursue personal health and fitness with a passion. Shortly after moving to New York City, she met Thomas Hogan, her Yoga mentor and teacher.  Thomas took her under his wing and changed her life through the wonder and wisdom of the practice of Yoga.

She found a third mentor in Bob Liekens, with whom she studied classical pilates at Power pilates.  Bob, is a true inspiration for all that know him.  He reminds Jennifer to always ask more of herself and of her clients.

Jennifer has multiple fitness certifications, has taught group fitness, pilates and yoga classes throughout the city and has a dedicated private clientele.  Her training philosophy is based in core work and cross-training. She’s also a big believer of cardio to enhance results, health benefits and get that happy “buzz” that it comes with.  You can find out more at ZenGirl Fitness.


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