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  1. Keep up the good work!
    Please visit my blog where I have written about the Brinjal Mela we had in Bangalore to protest against GM Foods and other related issues.

  2. that motorcycle clip is absolutely INSANE! It would never work in NY or L.A. — the traffic in NY is crazy and there are pot holes everywhere. In L.A. the traffic doesn’t flow smoothly anymore — to much stop-n-go traffic.

  3. Hey: Nice blog, and looking forward to reading more from you guys (:

    Be well 🙂

  4. Current, Cool and Captivating!!! Looking forward to great work in future.

  5. I read your Monsanto Cotton post … and wanted to leave a comment! but they’re not enabled lol 🙂 Well done on the blog; India is one of those ‘exotic’ countries that I am dying to know more about. Would love to visit one day!

    namaste, and peace,


  6. Wow. You must be a vegetarian. Otherwise you’d know that the Burger King ad depicts a ham sandwich and not a hamburger.

  7. Thanks Scott! We’ve made the correction. Though it doesn’t make BK’s move any less disrespectful.

  8. Hi,
    I am happy you are looking at farmer’s suicides.It is actually a State sponsored suicide and instigated due to the system called WRITE OFF LOANS by the Central goverment.
    A farmer takes the loan and pays a part to loan shark(who is a petty local politician) for the services renderd to get the loan in first place.Now he digs a borewell which may turn up dry or his crop may fail.As per loan agreement he has to give back the land to the bank.But the Family honour comes into play and he is asked to commit suicide.Now the state writes off the loan and the land is not taken by bank.One less life doesnot matter in India. Everyone is happy.
    You ask the Psychiatrists why they donot bother for Farmers suicides while they jump at IT suicides as mental health problem , stress related etc.hope you get the idea how India functions.

  9. GOod job
    I like your website .

  10. Excellent blog here !!! I loved your eye for creativity in varied streams. Plus the writing and sensitivity is commendable. Keep the good work going….

    Hemant Sonawane
    professional Painter & Sculptor

  11. Thank you Hemant! We love your work too. Please drop us a brief about your work. We’d love to post about your work.

  12. I would like to know more about your work & want to know how can i do my bit for the society ? I am not any big shot or known . Just a civilian .

  13. Just a minor correction in the piece about French Open; players are seeded and not seated (spectators are seated 🙂

  14. Ha, ha, that they are…thanks for point-out. Will correct asap. Though we were ‘seated’ when we saw the small amount of Indian representation. Hope some new talent will come along some time soon!

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