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5 Tips To Successful Blogging We Learned In Year 1.

In Education, India, Technology on April 27, 2010 at 8:10 am

5 things we learned and intend to perfect in our second year:

#5Read Read Read and be inspired – we read hundreds of blogs and news sources, and these 3 rank highest on our ‘we aspire to be’ list – Andrew Sullivan for his objectivity, range and sheer damn good writing; Amit Verma at India Uncut for his biting humor and fearless Indian blogging; and Kottke for fresh and interesting ideas.

#4Be consistent – post regularly if you want people to come back.

#3Be fearless and confident in your opinions.

#2Be supportive – when you find a blog you like, post a comment in support.

#1Be curious – live to learn.