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9 Things To Do If You Friend Your Kid On Facebook.

In Family, India, Technology on May 4, 2010 at 8:08 am

Mashable says 48% of parents friend their kids on Facebook. That’s a pretty cool stat isn’t it? A stat that shows a healthy number of parents and kids trusting each other.

So if you are among the 48%, here are 9 kid-friendly Facebookiquette things to do:

  1. Watch your own posts. Keep them kid friendly, inspirational and uncontroversial.
  2. Don’t Facebook stalk with relentless commenting and tracking your kid’s every move.
  3. Take a moment to post an encouraging message on their wall once in a while.
  4. DO NOT say things that would embarrass or humiliate them in front of their friends.
  5. STAY OUT of their gossip or kid chatter. It’s not your place.
  6. But, if you see signs of bullying or harmful gossip in #5 take a moment to have a conversation about it over dinner.
  7. Don’t friend their friends. That’s just creepy.
  8. Use your Facebook privacy features wisely.
  9. As in life, remember you are the parent not a friend. There’s a big difference between being a cool parent and a BFF.

If you’re not among the 48%, give it a try. It is a lot of fun and very healthy thing to do.