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Luxury Perfumes Profiting On The Backs Of Indians In Dire Poverty.

In India on June 17, 2010 at 7:09 am

The Guardian takes celebrities like Katie Price (aka Jordan) hawking luxury perfumes to task for exploiting poor workers at the bottle making company Pragati Glass in Gujarat, India.

Our question is this – why are Indians exploiting their own people? And who is in charge of punishing these exploiters?

A Pragati worker putting in six days a week at the factory earns the equivalen [sic] of £49 per month. Food costs alone would consume all but £1.22 of that. Dominic Eagleton, policy officer for ActionAid, said: “A bad job is better than no job at all, but by paying such low wages employers are keeping workers trapped in poverty rather than helping them escape it.

“Rather than driving down prices at every opportunity, British companies should pay a fair price to their suppliers in India and should make sure these suppliers pay a decent wage. Anything else is profiting from other people’s dire poverty.”